Tuesday, 3 December 2013


I'm sure you're wondering just why i'm dedicating an entire blog to advice from my personal travels. Let me put it in perspective for you.

Isabella's first flight aged three weeks
My husband travels around 300 days a year for work. We try to go with him as much as possible. It was a decision we made early on that our babies are better off being with their parents no matter where. So, we take to the skies on a seriously regular basis. Add to that, I am also a travel presenter, for the Seven Network here in Australia. http://us.sydney.com/Rosie_Jacobs_p3761.aspx 

My background is as a television journalist and i have worked for the past twelve years across the major networks in Australia both presenting and producing various television and radio content. I have also lived and studied in France and consider Europe to be my soul mate. I would die happy with a glass of vino in hand, anywhere in France, Italy or Spain.

One check-in experience that i'll never forget was when the assistant was looking at my toddler's passport and flicking, flicking, flicking through the pages, looking for one without a stamp. He glanced at me as if to say "you're kidding right?". But it's true. My baby has been everywhere. At the age of two she has her own Frequent Flyer membership and is fast accumulating points.

Her first trip in a plane was at the age of three weeks. Steven and I took her for a family holiday to Heron island in the Great Barrier Reef. It involved a plane trip, followed by a helicopter ride (where the compulsory children's life jacket and headphones actually swamped her). 

At just two years of age she has been to the following countries (some more than once):
Isabella's first helicopter ride aged three weeks
Fiji, Vanuatu (x 3) , Chile, France, Uruguay, United Kingdom, USA (x 2), Hawaii, Canada, Mexico (x 2) and Italy.  

On top of that, she travels domestically around Australia on a regular basis. The staff at the Qantas lounge know her by sight. 

If this sounds like I am bragging, please don't misread me. In fact, the point I am trying to make is that I am a lunatic. Yes, I have voluntarily put myself and my darling husband through the stress of transporting our most valuable cargo (our children) around the globe on a ridiculously regular basis. 

Hawaii with Issy and Steven... paradise for every reason.
But like I say, there comes a point when you realise that our careers are incredibly important for providing for our family and we are fortunate enough to have that option to travel together. And let's face it, is traveling the globe not the most amazing thing you could ever have the good fortune of doing, with the ones you love the dearest?! And it won't be forever. The girls will be in school soon enough, or our jobs won't last forever... we seize the opportunity while it is there. And I am the first to admit that despite the drama, the missed flights, the vomit projected at my head, the screaming children refusing carseats, the lost passports, the missing 'blankies', the financial strain, the explosive diarrhoea, the crazy taxi rides, the rude air hostesses, the lack of sleep... I wouldn't change a single thing. I am the luckiest person I know. I am deeply grateful for this life we have. I wake every day (often in strange hotel rooms) and smile that we are together. I hope that my experiences can help you feel the same way. Thank you for reading my blog and for joining my personal journey. 

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