Monday, 14 April 2014


Dear Kate and Wills - first of all, congratulations on making it to the last place on earth, in one piece, with baby on hip and looking so incredibly poised!
Ten points for surviving a risk é situation!

Of course, I am sure the lear jet, the nannies, the world class wardrobe and the many, many organisers would have helped. But something tells me this young couple is, in many ways, a little more human than the pedestal we love to put them on.

The royal nanny
I applaud them for taking their child-free holiday to Mauritius a month before their three week journey down under. (Although they copped it from many other sources). I admire their decision to leave George in the capable hands of the nanny (s) - the main one of whom I read has had James Bond-esque siege get-away driving training and is something of a black-belt assassin - while they fulfil their royal duties at various functions.

I adore the way they have been hands on with little baby George at the times that they do have together as a family - and have even structured part of their trip around child-friendly activities in an effort to truly make this a family-friendly adventure.
Kate and George attend a play date in NZ
There's only one conclusion to be made really - Wills and Kate have clearly read my blog and have followed my advice!!!

Because if they have, they'd know that it is really important to take a little time on a trip away to explore the local region, the local wines, the local cultures - and not all of them are child friendly... but just because you have brought the kids with you, doesn't mean you have to view a foreign destination through a child's eyes. You're still an adult, in an adult
relationship, with adult ideas and an adult mind.
Spot the new parents!

Ok, so not all of us have our own lear jets, and not all of us can afford to take our nannies away with us... but there are ways around that, for us mere morsels.

I have to say I am blown away by the news that Etihad offers nannies on their long haul flights. Over 500 of them have been trained to help out families on their services, with training in child psychology and experts in the art of "distraction". Sounds like a dream come true - eat your heart out Mary Poppins!!
Etihad - you are my new favourite airline!

More than that, so many hotels now offer babysitting services that go above and beyond. I recall a trip to Hawaii with our daughter Isabella and I was so anxious about leaving her for the first time with a hotel babysitter - although I needn't have been worried. As it turned out, when we returned she handed me a document detailing almost every five minutes of her evening with Isabella, including everything from snacks eaten, games played, sleep times and bowel movements!!! I was tempted to frame the document and save it for Issy's 21st!
Issy does Waikiki!!

But the point I'm trying to make is this. Kate and Wills, if you're reading this (as I suspect you must be), congratulations on this trip. First of all, you made the right decision to travel as a family unit. No-one gets left behind.

Adult drinks (no straws, no spillage, no sippy cups!)
Second of all, you're travelling as a married couple, enjoying each others' company. Thirdly, you're doing the right thing by George (by George!) to not drag him along to any and every ribbon cutting ceremony. And lastly, Kate, you should have drunk a teensy bit more of that red wine you sampled in New Zealand the other day - because I'd really love it if you guys told the tale one day of your romantic trip down under that ended up as George's little baby brother or sister. Her name could be Adelaide? Or his Sidney? Perhaps Victoria???

Oh and one more thing - Please tell George he's welcome to pop over any time for a playdate while you're here in Aus. I just know he would get on swimmingly with my daughters Isabella and Frenchie... yes, Princess Frenchie, kinda has a nice ring to it doesn't it?!
Frenchie...The future Mrs Prince George!
Oh George, stop looking so adorable! 


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