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This is perhaps the most practical blog I am ever going to post. Keep it secret, keep it safe. This list of what to pack when travelling with your kids is going to come in seriously handy.

There are two bags. One is the suitcase, for yourself and your two little ones. The other is your carry on bag. Then, you have your umbrella pram ($25 from target thank you very much) and your travel cot if required. (If you've got the dosh, get your hands on a baby bjorn travel cot. They seriously weight less than half of a standard travel cot and can be assembled in less than ten seconds. Remember, even a second hand e-bay version is a good option, assuming it hasn't been exposed to dust or used without a mattress protector.)
Obviously, with the lists below, you will pick and choose what applies to you, depending on the location you're going to, the ages of of your children and if you're breastfeeding or not etc etc.

READY MUM! Almost...
Nappies - for the baby, at least six per day. For the toilet trained toddler, bedtime nappies, plus extras for long car trips / plane rides, when they may fall asleep. Always pack extra nappies! I know you can buy them when you're away - but who wants to waste time going shopping for nappies - and often when it's urgent?! The way I see it, you're going to be left with loads of space in the bag as you get through the nappies and this leaves room for extra things like shopping! Besides, nappies weigh very little.
Swim nappies.
Disposable nappy bags.
Disposable nappy change mats.
Wipes - both wet ones for hands and face - and the disposable flushable wipes for when you're out and about - saves SO much time instead of trying to bag or bin dirty wipes!
Sanitising hand gel.
Nappy rash ointment.
Baby panadol / nurofen (whichever is your medicine of choice) and don't forget the syringe.
Phernergen (if your kids are old enough and if you've done a trial at home before hand to test for the adverse reaction!). See previous blogs of mine for the full low-down
Baby bath gels / kids shampoos / hair brush / moisturisers
Hair bands / clips
Kids toothbrush and toothpaste
Bandaids and antiseptic cream
Kids suncream
Baby nail trimmers / nail file (depending on how long you're going for)
Mosquito repellent (kid's deet-free version)
Kid's hats
Rash vests / bathers / swim floaties
Pyjamas - warm and cool (air con can be so cold in hotel rooms!)
Favourite sleep aid (bunny / blanket)
Bedtime books (the smaller and lighter the better)
Any favourite DVD's for those emergency moments in hotel rooms (and when dealing with jet lag)
Any specific bottles / dummies / formulas etc
Your bottle brush and small container of dish liquid (tightly sealed!)
A separately sealed bag (plastic) containing any travel sized long life milk or food items such as baby squeeze pouches / teething rusks
Baby bibs / spoons / sippy cups / water bottles
Spare small resealable sandwich bags / small tupperware containers for making packed lunches and snacks when you're out
A small container of laundry liquid - great for emergencies even if you only have a sink
(depending on the age of your baby, travel microwavable sterilising bottle bags and your breast pump)
Kid's shoes
Warm clothes for the evenings
When it comes to clothing choices - remember layers are best. And always opt for cotton leggings over jeans etc (they weigh less in your bag and are so much more comfortable for kids on long journeys!) Pack at least two to three outfits per day
A lightweight rain jacket
The pram waterproof cover
Muslin cloths for breastfeeding / covering sleeping children in prams & cots / swaddling etc
Any medical certificates you need
Kid's sunglasses
Kid's undies
Any lightweight beach or pool toys that your kids are attached to
Any small non-perishable food you can take for emergency breakfasts / dinner for the kids. Eg, Porridge sachets / kid's tins of spaghetti. Room service can be so expensive and sometimes doesn't cater well for kids - and can take forevvvvvver to arrive when your kids are losing it with hunger!
Kid's socks
A large spare plastic bag for dirty laundry

Disposable breast feeding pads
Panadol / nurofen
Walking shoes
Mobile phone charger / car charger
Camera (don't miss those amazing moments!) and charger
Your medicare card that identifies your children's names along side yours (for domestic travel, obviously you will need passports for international)
Toiletries - and don't forget the waterproof mascara for those extra hard days!
Your multivitamins
A pack of hydralite - great for a daily rehydration when you're away from home and not always remembering to drink enough water -and also a bonus if you get a sick tummy and need to flush it out!
The rest I am sure you can think of for yourself

The iPad (fully charged and uploaded with kid's entertainment)
The travel lunch box bag - packed with snacks, drinks, formula / milk
Nappies (as many as you can carry!), wipes, disposable nappy mat, nappy poo bags
Sanitising gel
The carry-on toy bag. Who's a big girl now?!
Muslin wrap
Spare change of kids clothes
Kid's jumpers (cold air con on planes)
The phernergen
Something for the kids to suck on for takeoff and landing to equalise their ears (e.g., drinks, lollipops, dummies)
Your sunglasses, wallet, phone, foreign currency, travel visas, travel itinerary
A pen
Paw Paw ointment - god's gift for everything
The baby bjorn
A shawl / cardigan for yourself
Toys for the kids (see my previous posts on detailed advice for this, namely the $2 dollar shop toys!) - although if you've got a toddler, you might want to pack a small "plane bag" for them that they can drag along on wheels themselves - makes them feel big and special - and takes the weight out of your bag. Make sure you name tag it.

And on a small note - make your life easier - leave your favourite heels / boots at home, along with your bling jewellery, large belt buckle and gold rimmed sunglasses - anything that makes that airport security screen faster and smoother is now your best friend.

The very last things to remember to pack are your sanity, your self compassion, your sense of adventure, your sense of humour and your compassion for your kids... this is just as overwhelming for them as it is for you. But it's always worth it in the long run.

Bon voyage!

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