Monday, 12 May 2014


I heard a horrifying story in the news this week – one that will make your toes curl up – and at the same time, might make you feel better about any trips you are planning to take with your little ones any time soon.
Emergency crews on the ready for the sixty sick kids!
An emirates flight bound for London from Dubai was loaded with SIXTY children travelling as part of a children’s choir. That’s horrifying in itself. But it’s the fact they all contracted severe food poisoning during the long haul flight that will make you gasp.
All but a five of the sixty children came down with sudden vomiting and diarrhoea during the flight with flight attendants rushing to provide sick bags in time and the children forced to line up to share the limited toilet facilities.
Thank goodness the children have all made a full recovery now – but my thoughts remain with the fellow passengers who must still be suffering trauma beyond belief!

In other news, something that will put you at ease for where our airlines are headed – namely in favour of travelling families, Etihad airlines have recently launched their new “FLYING NANNIES” program with over 500 flight staff across the international airlines’ services now entirely dedicated to helping out with travelling kids in the skies. Trained in child psychology and masters of the art of distraction, these fluorescent clad airlines staff spend the duration of the flight entertaining and caring for small children, regardless of what class they are travelling in.
Etihad's super nannies! I want to fly Etihad next time!

Now that’s a smart idea!!

And in another sign of the times, this one’s so futuristic it might just be our grandchildren who will benefit from it but a 3D designer has created an invention that will mean we no longer have to travel with luggage. That’s right! No suitcases, no overweight charges, no stress with juggling bags and kids, no problem if you’ve forgotten anything… all you do is 3D print your travel items when you get to your destination!! Everything from bags to sunglasses, dresses and shoes!
As I said, maybe not quite one that will be available for us just yet, and no mention of nappies being printed in 3D – but hope for us all, nonetheless.
Where do i find 3D Nappies?

And, here’s a winning top tip of the week for travelling with little ones, courtesy of my pregnant friend Jo who flew as a solo adult from Sydney to London with her three year old son. She was particularly pleased to find one advantage of flying with kids (in amongst so, so many obvious disadvantages!). She said she never had to wait to use the toilet, with all passengers insisting she jump the qeue with her little one… a rare treat when we know the frustration of having to stand in line for what can sometimes seem an age and your bladder is close to bursting!!
I am yet to clarify whether or not she trained her son up to say the words “Mummy, I really need to poo” whilst waiting in said qeue, but either way, I’m impressed!!!
Have a lovely, poop-free week my friends, wherever in the world you find yourself. 

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