Monday, 18 November 2013


Narrowly avoiding the poop... and the propeller.

So, you're thinking about attempting a trip with your little one(s)? And you're pooping yourself? Let me say, you have reason to be afraid, very afraid. It is petrifying. It is without doubt one of the most challenging, anxiety inducing, marriage-testing experiences you can undergo. But it is still worth it. And it is manageable. I've lived to tell the tale. And i'd love to help you survive your journey. 

This blog is not about me. It's about the poop that has happened to me, that I am willing to share with you in the hope that it won't, in turn, happen to you also. 

You may notice that I refer to poop freely throughout my blog. It's because I spend all day every day stopping myself from using obscene profanities in front of my children and it has now become habit to use unfulfilling swear words instead, that I secretly imagine to be incredibly offensive!! So poop it is. 

I do not claim to be an expert. But my husband Steven @sjweather9 travels for work and is away from home on average 300 days per year. He's the weather man on the Today Show on Channel Nine (the funny guy who was attacked by a pelican, you may know of him) In an effort to keep our marriage strong and for our girls to know their father, and for him to know them as they develop faster than we can keep up, we try our best to travel with him as often as possible, both domestically and internationally. With this in mind, we have been to many locations, flash, tacky, near, far and fabulous. I don't have a moment of regret about any of the trips we have done - but dear god if someone had handed me a list of tips to make it easier back when I was starting then it would have made one hell of a difference. 

Admittedly, neither of our kids are school age yet, so it is possible to lug them around with us at the drop of a hat. At first I did question if this was in the girls' best interests or if it was a disruption to their sense of routine that I do believe is important for them at their most formative stage. And then I realised that the most important thing of all is to be together as a family, no matter where, and that some of that boring routine can be taken along with you for the journey. Besides, nothing is harder than being the one left behind, to clean up the poop at home, solo, while your man is off sunning himself on a tropical island somewhere. Am I right?

So, let's get started, let's pack those bags and let's get you on that plane in one piece, as prepared as you can be. Oh, and one of those teensy things i've learned along the way - babies and young kids really actually do poop way more than usual at high altitudes. Don't ask me the science 'behind' it... just trust me and pack twice the amount of nappies in that carry on nappy bag as you would normally do, along with a change of clothes or two. And maybe some gloves... (ok, that part wasn't serious). And they provide the vodka on board. 


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